Online Slots - A Guide

Gambling is a popular pass-time. Statistics show that 4.2 billion people gamble at least once per year. Thanks to the advance of technology, you can now play popular casino games <a href" > from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device.

Types of Online Slot Machine

Many favorite casino games can be found online such as poker, roulette and blackjack. The slot machine is a staple of the online casino. There are various type of online slot game, and each type offers the player a different experience. The main types of online slot are:

  1. Classic '3 reel' slot -This, and the 5 reel slot, most closely resemble the physical slot.
  2. '5 reel' slot - Similar to the 3 reel slot, but with more reels and so more symbols on display.
  3. Multiplier slot - This slot game gives the user more options to multiply their winnings.
  4. Mobile slot - This game has been designed to be played on your smartphon, tablet or other mobile device.
  5. Mega Spin slot - This allows players to play multiple games at a time, on the same screen, and therefore to win multiple jackpots.
  6. Multi Playline slot - This allows players to win in multiple ways, by offering multiple playlines - column, row, diagonal and so on.

Each of these slots offers a unique gaming experience. If a gamer is looking for a classic, old school experience, the three reel slot is a good choice. If they are looking for a fast paced game with more chances to win, the multi-playline slot provides this.

How to Play Online Slots

Although there are different varieties of online slot, how you play is largely the same, with a few small variants. Firstly, you place your bet. A button indicates where to do this. On the multiple playline games players are prompted to choose how many reels to play.

Next, players hit the ‘Spin’ button. After the reels have stopped spinning, players can see if they have matched the symbols necessary to win on any of their lines. Some slots have an 'autoplay' option; you can choose an amount to bet and the bets are placed automatically.


Bonuses and winning playlines

Wilds' and 'scatters' are usually the two types of winning spins. 'Wilds' can replace any other symbol adding up to a winning line, and 'scatters' can cause different outcome. Winning reels don't necessarily have to appear in the middle line, and depend upon the game.

Slots have a varying number of playlines. While traditional slots have between three and five lines, and classic models having only one. Video slots have up to 25 lines which can be played at once and winning lines can be in many different forms.

Online Slot Bonuses

A number of bonuses are in place on various online slots. These can allow players to receive free spins and then carry on playing, meaning they don't need to use their own money to play, to receive bonuses on top of their deposit, or various other enticements to play.

  • No Deposit Bonuses
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Loyalty Bonuses

One of the concerns which is often cited about online slots is that they are somehow rigged, and so your chances of winning aren't as they seem. This is completely untrue. Casinos use random number generator technology to dictate the outcome of their games, meaning everything is legitimate.

Things to Remember before Playing Online Slots

One of the main things to remember before playing online slots, like taking part in any gambling activity, is to take your time, have a budget and stick to it. Work out your budget ahead of time and never play more than you are willing to lose.

Finally, take your time. Online slots are fun and are designed to be played quickly, however by playing quickly it's easy to get carried away and spend (and potentially lose) more than you intended. Slow down, take your time and enjoy your time playing online slots.

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